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Department of Botany

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Dr Mohsina Iqbal

Assistant Professor, Botany

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Debarati Das

Assistant Professor, Botany

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Barnali Chatterjee

SACT, Botany

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Sovan Mihsra

SACT, Botany

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Department of botany consist of 2 Laboratories, Lab 1 & Lab2. Lab 2 is quite small and it is mainly used for Biochemistry practical purposes and Cytology classes of 3rd year honours students.  Lab 1 is allotted for other honours and general practical classes. 2 steel (1 small and one big), 1 wooden almirah and 1 wooden cabinet, a refrigerator are present in the laboratory.

The Department has sufficient amount of student microscopes and the appliances for micrometry, like, stage and ocular micrometer, drawing prisms. Beside student microscopes, one binocular microscope with computerised photographic attachment and another high resolution binocular light fitted microscope are there.

The Department consists of One Desktop computer with printer and one LCD projector. These are used by the faculties for classes and other official works.

In the department 2 autoclaves (1 small and one big), 2 clinical centrifuges (one 800-1000rpm and other 1800rpm), 1 water bath, 1 small incubator, 1 small hot air oven, pH meter, Colorimeter are present in working condition. These are regularly used by the honours and general students.

2 Digital balances, 4 Pan balances, one hot plate and 2 round tables are there for weighing and sealing purposes.

Beside these 1 Gel apparatus is there without power Pac and Transformer and so this is not in working condition.

1 distilled water plant with 1gallon capacity is present for distillation purpose.

Department is well accomplished with adequate number of permanent slides and jar specimens for practical classes. All work out specimens is well preserved maintained properly for all practical classes.

For taxonomy, a small herbarium is maintained by the Department in a small herbarium cabinet. Sheet for medicinal plants are also kept in the herbarium. Living specimens for taxonomy practical are reared in the Departmental garden.

The department also well equipped with the entire chemical for honours and general practical classes in sufficient amount.

Adequate number of Glass goods, slides cover glasses and small biological instruments are kept in the department.

A departmental Seminar library is maintained by the Department for students.


Some common and few rare medicinal plants are made in our college campus as MEDICINAL PLANT GARDEN. The different medicinal plants which are reared in the garden naturally grow in different environmental conditions but are gradually becoming rare due to incessant human activities. Plants like Andrographis paniculata, Rouvolfia serpentina, Bacopa monneria etc. though grown in different edaphic and environmental conditions are successfully reared and bred in the small area of the garden. All plants are healthy and maintain their fertility.

Students of the department are engaged in culturing the plants by nurturing them with fertilizers, watering and providing them with the insecticides and pesticides. The entire project is a huge success in conservation of rare and endangered medicinal plants



Students of the Department present their topics in the Students’ Seminar which are held regularly in the department every year.

An invited talk was organised by the Department of Botany 28th February 2018.  Dr Soma Haldar, Associate Professor and HOD of Department of Botany, Asutosh College delivered a lucid lecture on “Plant Virus”

A Departmental Seminar was organised on 8th August 2019. Eminent scientist Dr Gourab Gangopadhyay delivered an lecture on  ‘Recent trends of research on a few aspects of the new curriculum of Botany”

An Alumni Meet of the Department of Botany was held on 07th September 2019 in the Department of Botany. Alumni of the Department participated in the event. There was a cultural programme by the present and past students. The programme was highly successful.

Excursions of Department of Botany in 2018-2019

  1. Date:24th September 2018

Place: Rabindra Sarobar Lake

Number of students:30 in SEMI (Hons.)& 15 in 2nd Year Hons.

Number of teachers: 3

Number of non-teaching Staff: 1

Purpose: students of SEMI observed and collected the algal and fungal specimens for their Practical Examination.

Students of IIyear (  Hons.) observed the angiospermous plants & collected some weeds for the Herbarium.


  1. Date:3rd October 2018

Place: Long excursion at Buxar- Jayanti-Rajabhatkhawa

Number of students: 40 students including SEM I Hons.& 2nd Year Hons.

Number of teachers: 3

Number of non-teaching Staff: 1

  Purpose: Students of SEMI observed and collected the algal and fungal specimens for their Practical Examination. They also observed took photographs of Bryophytes & Pteridophytes.

Students of IIyear (Hons.) observed the angiospermous plants & collected some weeds for the Herbarium in that Phytogeographical area.


  1. Date:16 th November 2018

Place: College Compound

Number of students: 100students of SEMI (Hons.& General)

Number of teachers: 3

Number of non-teaching Staff: 0

Purpose: Study the biodiversity in plant community& plants of different Groups.


  1. Date:11th December III year general 25 students

Place: Medicinal plant Garden in College Compound

Number of students: 25 students of III General

Number of teachers: 1

Number of non-teaching Staff: 0

Purpose: To study the different types of common Medicinal Plants and know the

medicinal value of those plants.


  1. Date:21st February 2019

Place: Botanical Garden and CNH (for Honours students only)

Number of students: 150 students including SEM II Hons. & General, 2nd Year Hons. & General.

Number of teachers: 3

Number of non-teaching Staff: 1

Purpose: to observed various exotic and remarkable plants and also knowing their origin, habit and habitat. Honours Students also have an idea about plant diversity and history of this garden with the maintenance of Herbarium in the visit to CNH.


  1. Date:27th March 2019

Place: Sarsuna

Number of students: 9 students of 2nd year Honours.

Number of teachers: 2 teachers

Number of non-teaching Staff: 0

Purpose: To study frequency, dominancy of plant community of that particular area in Quadrat method.


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