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New Alipore College Estd : August 1963. Affiliated to University of Calcutta
NAAC Re-accredited with "B+" grade (2016)

Campus Rules and Regulation

Identity Card :A temporary Identity Card from the Office at the time of admission. Final Identity card will be issued within two months from the commencement of Classes. The Identity Cards are to be preserved and carried carefully in the college premises to establish the Identity as a bonafide student and to be produced on demand, for enjoying common facilities offered to the students.

Attendance   :The names of the students who fail to attend the classes, for more than 30 days in a row, shall be struck off the rolls.

Students who fail to attend 75% of Lecturers delivered in each subject separately and 60 % of practical classes held, shall be debarred from appearing at the annual and final examination and shall not be promoted to the next higher class.

College Examination : Refer to the Academic Calendar

University shall not issue Admit Card for University Examination in favour of candidates failing to appear at the Test Examination.

Note:    All colleges shall send to the University a list of students who have failing to appear at the Preparatory Test at least 21 days before the commencement of University Examination mentioning Roll No. & Registration No. as printed in the application forms for University Examination of such students.

Besides fulfilling all other criteria, an Honours candidate is required to secure at least 35% marks in aggregate in class tests (30% in theoretical and practical portion separately but 35% in aggregate in case of a subject having practical) in the Honours subject in order to be sent up for Part – I/II/III Examination.

Discipline :           To maintain discipline in the college, loitering in the corridor, disturbing classes, smoking inside the college premises, showing misconduct and disrespect to the members of teaching and Non-teaching staff as well as to the co-students are strictly prohibited. Involvement of any student in any such/similar activities shall invite strong disciplinary action against min/her. So is prolonged absent without informing the college authority. Willful destruction of college property is prohibited.

Refund : Once accepted no fees shall be refunded except for Laboratory Deposit, Library Deposit and sum of money received by mistake. But laboratory fees paid at the time of admission are not refunded.                                 


Our Facilities


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IT Infrastructure

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