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New Alipore College Estd : August 1963. Affiliated to University of Calcutta
NAAC Re-accredited with "B+" grade (2016)


About Canteen

Canteen is the place where the college takes a break. Adda storms up newer ideas over a cup of coffee, friendship deepens over a shared bottle of cola, relations bond better over a shared plate of sandwich. The canteen is a popular hangout place of the students of New Alipore College and also a quite a life saver. The canteen at our college takes care of that instant morning hunger, fulfils the necessity of an afternoon meal and satisfies the craving for an early evening snack. It has a range of offerings that is sure to fulfil your necessities and wishes for a fun bite.

The canteen is always ready to serve food to the hungry soul craving for healthy food, day after day throughout the year. For the faculty members and staff, the canteen is an instant wish fulfiller. The best meetings are incomplete without a cup of tea or coffee from the canteen. The canteen apart from its usual menu cooks up quite a culinary storm on special days. 

The chairs and tables at the canteen bear memories of years passing by, batches graduating. It remains a witness to the best days of the student’s life in college. Let’s just say, you will never have to pack your tiffin again. You can be assured, your kitchen is just round the corner and its called the New Alipore College Canteen.

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