New Alipore College Estd : August 1963. Affiliated to University of Calcutta
NAAC Re-accredited with "B+" grade (2016)

Principal Desk

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Dr. Jaydeep Sarangi

Principal, New Alipore College Kolkata

We pursue our levitation towards a positive and honest human being by asking ourselves in front of the mirror of actions and reactions of our daily acts. The aim is to build the society based on scientific temper, genuine feelings and primary Indian values.

Our actions should drum up optimism with a prophetic note of hope and renewal of humane feelings and ethics:

“The flowers appear on the earth; /The time of singing has come(,)”
[ from Zorami by Malsawmi Jacob]

New Alipore College is determined to embark on a journey towards a harmonious future for our stakeholders where scholarship will be tempered with lessons in humanism and self-reliance.  The college aspires for creating a symphony in the hearts of the students, such that it emanates cosmic music and propels them to the beginning of a fascinating dream. In this world of Skype and live chats one thing we are losing fast, is dream. Dream can heal our sorrows, agonies, frustrations and mistrust.  We shall not give up dreaming, even when the river of life passes through a gutter. We  are confidant to  see through all matters of service to a nub. Let us cultivate the mindset of a winner.

‘Soaring high’ is embedded deep in the heads of ours students, teachers, non teaching friends and all well wishers associated with this pantheon of learning. We are summations of our thoughts and deeds. Our small steps can lead us to the trajectory of a falcon towards the sky of our goals with feet grounded in core values of our land. We are committed to mould our  mentees to guide and lead our society. We need strength, vitality, stability and upright guidance from all precincts of life. Noble souls are our polestars. Our Governing Body is the umbrella we carry in rain and the Sun. It guides decisions and statements of intents. Our objective is to reach out the doors of the mind of people. Let us close our lips, and let our hearts and hands talk.

As the head of the institution, I firmly believe in the principle of harmony of minds and heads. If everything can move together, then success can take care of itself.

--Dr. Jaydeep Sarangi, Principal, New Alipore  College, Kolkata
Date: 29/08/2018