New Alipore College Estd : August 1963. Affiliated to University of Calcutta
NAAC Re-accredited with "A" grade (2023)

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Department of Chemistry

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Dr. Amit Saha Roy

Assistant Professor & HOD, Chemistry

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Dr. Saswati Chatterjee

Associate Professor, Chemistry

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Dr. Sudipta Ghosh

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

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Dr. Shyamal Mondal

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

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Dr. Bipattaran Paramanik

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

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Dr. Iqbal Abdul Latif

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

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Dr. Ajoy Kumar Pramanik

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

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Dr. Rupa Mukhopadhyay

SACT, Chemistry

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The department of Chemistry of New Alipore College started its journey right from the inception of the college in 1963. At that time, only the erstwhile “Pre-University” course and B.Sc (Pass) course were taught in the college. Affiliation to Honours course was obtained in 1969.

At present the Department consists of eight full time faculty members and the teaching-learning methods employed are in the form of classroom lectures, audio-visual mode using power point presentation as well as practical classes. The theoretical papers in the UG course consist of different specialized segments of Chemistry such as, Organic, Inorganic, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computational and Analytical Chemistry. The Department has also initiated to the emphasise advanced level courses like Mathematics and Statistics for Chemists, Analytical Clinical Biochemistry, Pharmaceuticals Chemistry etc. as an integrated part of Skill Enhancement Course of the new CBCS curriculum of University of Calcutta. Department also offers different practical course such as Inorganic Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis, Inorganic Synthesis, Organic Qualitative and Synthesis, Physical Chemistry Experiments, Biochemistry and Analytical Practical, Instrumental Methods of Analysis and Computer Programming & its application to Chemistry. The department organizes National level Seminars & ‘Scientific Lectures', every year, where renowned scientists from different parts of India and abroad participate and deliver scientific lectures to inspire the students and expose them to contemporary research.

We believe in all round development of the students’ beyond the classroom teaching. For better understanding of practical applications of theory department organises Industrial visits and Educational Tour for our students where they earn some fresh idea about industrial activities and environment.

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1 Internal Exam Routine for Sem-III and Sem-V, 2022
2 Odd Sem 2019-2020
Departmental Notices
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1 Sem-IV Parent-Teacher meeting on 23 Apr 2022
2 Remedial Class
3 Slow learner Notice of Department of Chemistry
4 Routine Internal Assessment (H) 2021
5 Departmental Meeting on Jan 05, 2019
6 Guardian Meeting for SEM-III on Mar 19, 2019
7 Departmental Meeting on Jul 23, 2019
8 Alumni Meeting on Jul 27, 2019
9 Industrial Visit to Britania Industries Ltd. on Sep 12, 2019
10 Guardian Meeting on Sep 24, 2019
11 Seminar by Dr. Debasish Chattopadhyay from USA on Nov 07, 2019
12 Seminar by Dr. Priyotosh Dutta on Dec 13, 2019
13 Seminar by Dr. Ashutosh Banerjee from Germany on Dec 20, 2019
Student's Progression
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In the department, Chemistry Honours and General Courses are offered to the students. At present there are two types of students in the department – CBCS and NEP system for both Honours and General. Department were conducted regular class tests and also followed examination and evaluation system framed by our affiliating University.



Faculty members of the department are actively involved in research activity in different research institute. Our faculty members also trained M.Sc students for their project work.


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1 On-going Project of Dr. Sudipta Ghosh funded by New Alipore College

Instrumental facilities available in the dept

  • Uv –Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Colorimeter
  • Melting point apparatus
  • Oil bath with temperature control
  • Heating mantle, magnetic stirrer, steam bath
  • Digital Balance (4 Digit) , Digital Balance (3 Digit)
  • TLC Apparatus
  • Multiple suction pump
  • Conductivity Meter
  • pH-Meter
  • Hot air oven, Centrifuge
  • Computer

Departmental Library: In our department almost 450 text and reference books are available for the students.


Student Activities

Every year, a significant number of students qualify the JAM for pursuing M. Sc. in IITs, IISc. Bangalore, IISERs as well as in other Universities of repute like Banaras Hindu University, School of Chemistry Hyderabad, Calcutta University, Jadavpur University and so on. Many of our ex-students are currently in research leading to Ph. D. in the following institute in abroad and India:

  1. Presidency University

  2. Pune University

  3. Jadavpur University, Kolkata

  4. Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata

  5. Indian Institute of Science (IISc.), Bangalore

  6. National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune

  7. Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB)

  8. Calcutta University

  9. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD)

  10. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IITKGP)

  11. Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER), Kolkata

  12. Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER), Bhopal


Extracurricular activities

  • Student seminar: Organised by the Department of Chemistry every year on December session and presented by 3rd year students.

  • Participated in Avensis every year in the month of December-January

  • Participated in poster presentation in other colleges/Universities

  • Participated in Inter College Science Competition organised by other colleges/universities

  • Participated in seminar talk  organised by other colleges

  • Freshers and farewell organised by the students of Department of Chemistry. 

  • Participated in inter-college quiz competition at Bethune College and got 2nd prize.

Recent Departmental Activities/ Seminars

  • Educational Tour arranged at Greenply company, Berger Paints, Britania Pvt Ltd.

  • One day seminar entitled “Radioactive Tracers for imaging and therapy, a brief introduction to Nuclear Medicine” delivered by Dr. Ashutosh Banerjee, Radiochemist at Eckert & Ziegler Europe, GmbH, Berlin on December, 20th 2019.

  • One day Seminar entitled "Understanding the Pillar’s of Chemistry: Part-I" delivered by Prof. Priotosh Dutta, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Ananda Mohan College on December, 13th  2019.

  • One day seminar entitled "Virus, Antivirul and Vaccines" delivered by Prof. Debasish Chattopadhyay, Department of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA on November,7th 2019.

  • One day Seminar entitled "Glimpses of Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy" delivered by Dr. Samita Basu, Eminent Retired Professor, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, on September, 19th 2019.

  • One day seminar entitled "150 Years of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table" delivered by Mr. Biswajit Das, former students of New Alipore College on September, 21st 2019.

  • One day entitled "Molecular Orbitals, Stereochemistr and Pericyclic Reactions" delivered by Dr. Dipak Kumar Mandal, Professor in Chemistry (Retd.) Bidhannagar Govt. College on January, 22nd 2019

  • One day entitled "Molecular Orbitals: an Essential Tool in Understanding of Organic Chemistry" delivered by Dr. Achintya Kumar Sarkar, Professor in Chemistry (Retd.) Bidhannagar Govt. College on January, 22nd 2019.

Collaboration and MoU
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