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Seminar Workshop

Seminars, symposiums and workshops play a vital role in upgrading the academic atmosphere in an institution of higher education. With this end in view, New Alipore College holds these events at frequent intervals. Attended by many teachers and research scholars from outside in tandem with the teachers and the students of this College, these academic programmes render immense repute to the College on top of enhancing the dissemination of knowledge on the current developments in the subject concerned. Here is a list, though not exhaustive, of the seminars and symposiums organised by various departments of New Alipore College in the current academic year.
In a seminar held on 19 November 2018, Dr Arup Ratan Bandyopadhyay delivered a lecture on the topic – "Symmetry and Asymmetry: Anthropological dimension in reference to Dermatoglyphics”. Professor Bandyopadhyay started with a detailed account of embryological development in animals regarding morphogenesis, growth, fertilisation, cleavage and blastula formation, etc. He also provided an elaborate introduction to Indian Anthropology along with the contributions of various scholars in the field. He discussed about symmetric study of different population groups related to field work. Field study related to archaeology, biology, statistics and allied areas were also discussed. Radial and Bilateral symmetry was presented. Asymmetry with the arrangement of body parts without central axis or point was explained too, along with Fluctuating Asymmetry, which is an important issue to population biologists because it reflects a population’s state of adaptation. Application of fluctuating asymmetry in anthropology was also discussed. A detailed account of Dermatoglyphics was discussed along with finger pattern types (whorl, loop, arch), TFRC, AFRC, etc. Directional and fluctuating asymmetry was also discussed. The asymmetry in Dermatoglyphics was associated with Thalassemia in the presentation. The interest zone of dermatoglyphic studies was shown in association with biomedical sciences, forensic sciences and Anthropology.
An invited Lecture on “Plant Virus” was organised by the Department of Botany on 28 February 2018. The speaker was Dr. Soma Halder, Head of the Department of Botany and Microbiology, Asutosh College. Professor Halder gave a lucid exposition of the structure, multiplication patterns, mode of infection and dispersal process of common plant viruses like TMV, CMV, etc. This lecture also imparted useful knowledge on many viral diseases of plants, along with the management and control measures for these diseases.
In 2018 Department of Zoology organised a workshop on Biostatistics with Dr. Saurav Paul, DST Inspired Faculty, University of Calcutta as the Resource Person. In September 2018, the Department organised a seminar where renowned scientist Dr B. K. Mahapatra, Director, CIFE delivered a lecture on artificial fish breeding of ornamental fisheries.
Three seminars were organised by the Department in the current academic year. On 10 September 2018, Prof. Alessandro Vescovi, University of Milan, spoke on The Post-Secular Edge in the Indian English Fiction. On 15 November 2018, Dr. Antara Ghatak, Formerly of Dept of English, Shri Shikshayatan College, Kolkata, gave a lecture on Modernism in English literature. On 10 January 2019, Dr. Purna Choudhury, Dept of English, Heritage College, Quebec, Canada, gave a talk entitled – Hyenas in Pettticoats: Wollstonecraft's Vindication and a Discourse on Female Sexuality.
Department of Bengali organised a seminar on “Bangla Kobitay Adhunik Upadan” on 2 February, 2018. Prof. Ankana Betal from Aliah University delivered a talk on the definition of modern poetry and floated the question as to whether the poetry of middle age had an essence of modernism. After that, she made an elaborate discussion on the Bengali modern poetry with reference to the Nineteenth and the Twentieth Century.
A seminar on The Cultural Heritage of Indian Art and Architecture was organised jointly by the Department of Sanskrit and the Department of History on 5 February 2018. The main purpose of the seminar was to introduce the students to our cultural heritage our ancestors bequeathed in the form of Indian art and architecture. Prof. Kamal Kishor Mishra, Department of Sanskrit, University of Calcutta and also a former diplomat of the Government of India and Shri Satyakam Sen, Senior Technical Officer, Indian Museum, Kolkata delivered illuminating lectures on Indian cultural heritage. Prof. Mishra gave excellent elucidation on the questions: What is our tradition? and What is our heritage?. Shri Satyakam Sen enlightened the audience on Indian Art and Architecture.
The Department hosted a discussion on “Citizenship and its various aspects” on 27 March 2018. The HOD Dr. Madhuparna Dutta introduced the theme of the seminar. Chairperson Professor Swadhin Kumar De, formerly of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad College, explained a few interesting facets of the notion of citizenship. His delineation of good and bad citizens was indeed beguiling. The presentation by Dr. Lipi Ghosh, Professor, Centre for South and Southeast Asian Studies, Calcutta University was primarily on the context of Citizenship in Indian society.
The Department of Education along with the Department of Philosophy organised a one-day seminar entitled ‘Rabindranath O Vivekanandar Drishtibhongite Manobotabad’ on 28 January 2018. Professor Swagata Ghosh of Department of Philosophy, North Bengal University and Professor Somnath Mukherjee of Department of Engineering, Jadavpur University spoke on the topic. On 8 February 2018, the two Departments took another joint initiative to organise a one-day seminar entitled ‘Moral Action: Relevant Issues’. The Resource Persons were Professor (Dr.) Aparajita Mukhopadhyay, Department of Philosophy, Jadavpur University; Professor (Dr.) Aparna Sadhu, Department of Philosophy, Basanti Devi College, Kolkata and Professor (Dr.) Chandrani Acharya, Department of Education, Kultali Dr. B. R. Ambedkar College.
The Department organised a 5-day workshop on ‘Digital Film Making: Focusing on the Craft of Editing and its Impact’. This workshop was supervised by Sk Maqsood Alam, Faculty, NIMD. A number of Special Invited Lectures on subject related topics were also organised by the Department for the students of both Honours and General. The Resource Persons were: Dr. Debjyoti Chanda, Teacher-in-Charge, Department of Mass Communication & Videography, Rabindra Bharati University; Shri Mrityunjoy Chatterjee, Director NIMD; Mr. Snehasis Sur, President, Press Club, Kolkata and Veteran Journalist of Doordarshan; Prof. Somsubhra Gupta, Head, Centre of Mass Communication and Videography, Rabindra Bharati University and Prof. Abir Chattopadhyay, Head of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, Jaipuria College.
On 29 September 2018, the Department organised a seminar where the Resource Person was the eminent scholar Dr. Pradip Majumder, Former Professor of Mathematics, Rabindra Bharati University and Guest Faculty, Department of Ancient History and Culture, University of Calcutta. In two sessions Prof. Majumder spoke on two topics, namely 1) Adhunik Gonit Shastre Bharater Obodan and 2) Prachin Bharate Gonit Shastro. Both the lectures enthralled the audience. On 22 December 2018, the Department also observed the National Mathematics Day, celebrated each year in homage to Srinivasa Ramanujam, by way of organising a seminar in which the Resource Persons were Dr. Himadri Shekhar Mondal, Dept. of Mathematics, Midnapore College and Prof. Pradipta Bandyopadhyay, Stat-Math Division, ISI, Kolkata. Their topics were 1) Some Exotic Things of Nature Using Group Theory and 2) Why Mathematics?
The Department organised a one-day seminar on “Ultrafast spin dynamics” on 6 April 2018. The purpose of the seminar was to introduce the students of our College to various modern research fields on magnetism. Prof. Anjan Barman, Senior Professor and Associate Dean of the Department of CMPMS, S. N. Bose Centre, Kolkata was invited as the Resource Person. Prof. Barman delivered a fascinating lecture on several interesting research fields of magnetism and showed various research facilities available in his laboratory. There was a very fruitful discussion session between Prof. Barman and the students. The Department is thankful to Prof. Barman for his invitation to all the students to visit his laboratory for enhancing their knowledge.
A one-day seminar titled "Molecular Theory & Relativistic approach to understand the essence of Chemistry” was organised by the Department of Chemistry on 11 January 2018. The Speakers of this seminar were Dr. Achintya Kumar Sarkar, Professor of Chemistry, Bidhannagar Government College and Dr. Asutosh Ghosh, Professor of Chemistry, Calcutta University and Former Vice-Chancellor of Calcutta University. Professor Sarkar delivered his lecture on the topic ‘Molecular Orbital: An essential tool in the understanding of Organic Chemistry’ and Professor Ghosh discussed the aspect of ‘Relativistic effect in Chemistry’. The Department organised a one-day seminar entitled “Molecular Orbitals, Stereochemistry and Pericyclic Reactions” on 22 January, 2019. Dr. Dipak Kumar Mandal, Former Professor of Chemistry, Presidency College and Bidhannagar Govt. College delivered the talk in the seminar.
The Department organised a one-day seminar with the title EVOLVERE 2018 on Data Mining and Social Media Data Analysis on 28 March 2018. Prof Sumanta Ray, Department of CSE, Aliah University delivered a talk on Data Mining and Prof. Indrajit Bhattacharya, Department of MCA, Kalyani Govt. Engineering College delivered a talk on Social Media Data Analysis. Apart from the students of the Department, students from various other departments of the College attended the seminar with a view to enriching themselves with new ideas and dimensions of research for their higher study.
The Department organised a seminar on 7 February 2017 on “Recent Issues in Capital Market”. Prof. Ashish Kumar Sana, Department of Commerce, University of Calcutta delivered the talk. The Department also organised another seminar on 26 March 2018. Prof. Ashish Kumar Sana, Department of Commerce, University of Calcutta and Prof. R. P. Chowdhury, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, University of Calcutta were the Resource Persons.

Research Methodology Workshop Schedule
Date/Time 10.30-12.00 12.00-1.30 2.00-5.00
14.03.18 (Wednesday) Inauguration Prof. Kumarjit Mondal : Introduction to Time Series Analysis Prof. Kumarjit Mondal : Introduction to Time Series Analysis
15.03.18 (Thursday) Prof. Achintya Kr. Roy: Regression Analysis, Time Series and Forecasting Prof. Achintya Kr. Roy: contd....
16.03.18 (Friday) Prof. Arup Kr. Chattopadhyay: Philosophy of research, testing of hypothesis, Parametric and Non Parametric Test Prof. Arup Kr. Chattopadhyay: Basic Econometric Analysis on Estimation and Diagnostic Checking using Cross Section Data
17.03.18 (Saturday) Prof. Goutam Bandyopadhyay : SPSS Prof. Goutam Bandyopadhyay : contd....
18.03.18 (Sunday) Prof. Sankar Kr. Bhaumik: Limited Dependent Variable Models: Theory and Application Prof. Sankar Kr. Bhaumik: contd...
19.03.18 (Monday) Prof. Panchanan Das: Panel Data Analysis Prof. Panchanan Das: contd....
20.03.18 (Tuesday) Prof. Asis Kr. Chattopadyay: Multivariate Data Analysis Valedictory