Department of Anthropology


Anthropology as a subject is the scientific study of the origin, behaviour, physical variation and cultural development of human being. It embraces the whole of humanity, past and present. In Calcutta university syllabus we need to study three broad categories;-

1] Physical anthropology-is the study of human biology particularly its origin, diversity and adaptations

2] Archaeology—the study of cultural variation over time focuses on artefacts, constructions and other evidences of human activities. Different techniques are used to investigate prehistory. Archaeological techniques of excavation and documentations are also used to recover different artefacts and fossils

3] Cultural anthropology is d study of human behaviour specially human culture,through ethnographic research design

Career scope in anthropology----- the diverse field of anthropology has broader scopes than other social sciences. A career in anthropology will help the person to be involved in fieldwork and research. There are many institutes in India who employ anthropologists with the anthropological survey of India. Even one can go in teaching profession with the subject, and can work as a researcher in various institutes like IIM, IIT, NGO etc.

Inauguration—1] anthropology general started in d year 2008

2] Anthropology honours started in d year 2014

Lab facilities-----1] one air conditioned lab with projector, computer with internet facilities

2] Adequate number of instruments, bones  ,tools, genetic equipments.

3] Departmental seminar library

Lab work-------1] proper use of instruments to take measurements of bones and interpretation genetic tests in physical anthropology.

2] Excavation, museum surveys, Toposheet  analysis, tool measurements in prehistoric archaeology

3] Ethnographic fieldworks are carried out to study people and their culture in natural habitat in social cultural anthropology.

Results-------16 students appeared for 1st year honours in 2015, out of which 6 students got 1st class marks, with highest percentage being 73....


Sl. No. Name Qualification & Degicnation Contact

Smt. Nabanita Goswami H.O.D Part Time Lecturer

Smt. Mandrima  Biswas Contractual Full Time Lecturer, M.Sc

Smt. Monimekhala  Dasgupta Part Time Lecturer, M.Sc

General Subjects for Anthropology Honours Candidates (ANY TWO)

Botany, Zoology and Chemistry

Other activities

Students are taken to visit places of Anthropological interest as part Educational Tour.



Anthropology (Hons and General)