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Dr. Swarnapratim Bhattacharyya

Assistant Professor


Department of Physics

New Alipore College

West Bengal, India

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Short Bio data

B.Sc  (1996) University of North Bengal

M.Sc (1999)  Jadavpur  University

Ph.D  (2005)  Jadavpur University

Research Interest:   High Energy Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions in Nuclear Emulsion Track Detector, Simulation of RHIC and LHC data.

Total  Number of Publications:  45

List of  Important  Publications in  Last Five Years

1.    Systematic Study of Rapidity Dispersion Parameter in High Energy Nucleus-Nucleus Interactions. Int. Jour. of Mod. Phys E 23 (2014)1450012

2.    Event - by -Event Pseudo-rapidity Fluctuations in High Energy Nucleus-Nucleus interactions.         Phy. Lett. B 726(2013) 194

3.    Target Dependence of Clan Model Parameters at Dubna Energy-Chaotic pion

production.       Jour. of Phys G 40(2013)025105

4.    Genuine Pion-Pion Correlations in Heavy ion Collisions

Jour. of Phys G 39(2012)105101

5. Multiplicity Scaling of Target Protons in High Energy Nucleus-Nucleus and     Hadron-

Nucleus interactions .   Jour. of Phys G 39(2012)035101

6. Multiplicity Dependence of Entropy in Different Rapidity Bins in High energy Nucleus-

Nucleus Interactions.

Physica Scripta 85(2012) 065205

7.    Entropy scaling in High Energy Nucleus-Nucleus Interactions.

Jour. of Phys G 38(2011) 065105

8.    Multifractality in charged pion production at a Few GeV/n

Physica A 390(2011)4144

9.    Characteristics of Multiplicity Distribution of Target Fragments in Forward &

Backward Hemispheres in High Energy Nucleus-Nucleus Interactions

Physica Scripta 84 (2011)015201

10.   Multiplicity Distribution and Multiplicity Moment of Black and Grey particles

in High Energy Nucleus-Nucleus Interactions

Int. Jour. of Mod. Phys E 20(2011)1171

11.   Rapidity Dependence of Multiplicity Fluctuations and Correlations in High

Energy Nucleus-nucleus Interactions.

Pramana Jour. of Physics 77(2011)297

12.   Genuine Two Particle Correlations of Target Fragments in Nuclear Interactions.


Journal of Physics 89 (2011)225

13. A Brief Review on Nuclear Fragmentation

Int. Jour. of Mod. Phys E 19(2010)319

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